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Thank you for inquiring about my work.

I am typically booking new projects 10-12 months.  Consultations can take 8-10 months and are booked only after a non refundable minimum $200-500 deposit is received. That means you will need to pay a deposit before booking, I can not hold dates for a year or longer without a finical guarantee. $200 deposits for 1-2 shot tattoos, $500 for larger sleeve/back piece type projects.  Appointments and consultations are arranged together.  So it is advised to be sure that you’ve reviewed my work and are booking with certainty that my art is right for you. Typically the consultation is set 2 months prior to your appointment. Example sleeves require 6-7dates, 1/2 sleeves require 3-4 etc.
Appointments can only be made by contacting me directly. Please contact Terry directly at 619-307-9433 or at the shop 619-795-8915 Wed-Sat 12-8pm.
Each deposit is non refundable, credited to your last appointment.  Any cancellations with less than a 48 hour notice will result in a lost deposit.  My hourly rate for tattooing is $200. Larger deposits are required for multiple day back to back sessions for out of town clients, this is determined once we’ve discussed your plans by email as each traveling client can be different.

A little about my consultation process.

The consultation consist of us discussing your ideas and making measurements.  Typically i need an 1.5-2 hours of your time. Hence why it takes so long to book as I already have 1 year of clients ahead.  The process during the consultation is a drawing during the consultation, however it is merely to help visually explain layout, restrictions based on location and how a tattoo ages.  The rough sketch serves as a visual guide for me and it will also provide for you a fair idea of what the tattoo will look like.  It will not be a tight rendered completed drawing.  If you would like a copy of the rough sketch that can be provided, however only after the deposit has been paid and an appointment is booked. Final art will be presented only a few days before the actual appointment, most of the details will be discussed during the consultation.  The final art if there are any revisions they are made on the appointment date, as most details would have been discussed and made clear prior to that date so any revisions would most likely be minor if any at all.  Ultimately you need to be confident in choosing who tattoos you.  I am extremely honest about the technical aspects of what makes a tattoo read well, age well and I always encourage conscious compositional choices as clients often do not understand the long term issues often involved with tattooing.  It’s my goal to be clear, show them how to best achieve their concept in away that lends hand to what I feel to be good tattooing.